DCS Architecture in SMCV mining plant

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    I am working on the translation of engineering papers.

    Is it alright to say: Architecture DCS dans la plante minière de SMCV?

    The original title is: DCS Architecture in SMCV mining plant.

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    Hello Etor,
    As was pointed out in one of your other threads : mining plant would be better translated as l'installation minière.

    distributed control systems (DCS) might possibly be un système numérique de contrôle-commande (SNCC), but since it's such specialist vocabulary you will need a second opinion on that from someone in the mining industry. In short DCS is a very broad term, you may need to be more specific if you wish to find the correct translation of the term.

    Mixing both acronyms & abbreviations, then leaving them untranslated seems odd to me, perhaps it depends on the industry. However I've browsed several glossaries of Mining Terminology for SMCV but to no avail.

    DCS = SNCC
    SMCV is this a Peruvian company name Sociedad Minera. Cerro Verde? If so best to say so.

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