De ahí que resulte procedente y necesario

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    I would like to know if the translation below is correct meaning wise. Is it correct the use of “Hence” or should this adverb be eliminated?.
    Thanking you in advance for your time.
    “De ahí que resulte procedente y necesario el aumento de la pensión de alimentos a la cantidad mensual de quinientos cincuento euros a partir del próximo mes de enero de 2010. Como puede observar, el aumento que se propone sería de 229,39 euros al mes, diferencia entre la nueva cantidad mensual y la pensión revalorizada de 320,70.”

    Hence it might be legally granted and necessary to increase child support maintenance to the monthly sum of five hundred and fifty euros from the next month of January onwards. The increase proposed would be of 229,30 euros a month which is the difference between the new monthly sum and the revalued child support pension mentioned above.
  2. Roger Slater Senior Member

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    Depende de lo que quieres decir. "Hence" puede significar "por eso" (therefore) or "de acqui en adelante" (from now on). Sugiero que uses otra palabra porque "hence" no suena bien. Puedes decir "henceforth" para "from now on" or "therefore" or "thus" para "por eso."
  3. gondomar New Member

    Spanish and Galician
    Thanks, Roger
    I´ll follow your advice and use the word henceforth
  4. Juan Carlos Garling

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    de ahí ... = therefore

    Though dictionaries translate procedente as proceeding from law, here it should be understood rather in the sense of advisable or reasonable (adjusted to unquestionable common sense).

    I would suggest Therefore it would ... rather than ..might... as the latter suggests a degree of uncertainty.
  5. gondomar New Member

    Spanish and Galician
    Juan Carlos
    You are completely right.
    Thanks, again to the Seniors

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