De aquí a que me jubile


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Hi everybody:

I need help to translate the expression "de aquí a que...".

The context could be something like this: "de aquí a que me jubile, habrá habido varias reformas de las pensiones".

I've only seen translations of expressions where you have a defined period of time (years or days...) so I don't have any idea.

Can you help me? Thank you in advance!
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    This is an old thread, but the answers were incomplete, in my opinion.
    From now until I get retired
    Unfortunately, this is not a natural translation.

    By the time I retire… is a good suggestion, but it doesn’t convey the complete meaning. “De aquí a que” means it will be a long time, or too long, before the event being mentioned.

    To capture this additional sense, I would say something like by the time I/you/they get around to… or by the time the day comes that


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    "Between now and the time I retire, there will likely be some pension plan reforms."


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    Over the time that remains until I retire.....
    This is not correct in my dialect. It might be used in British English.

    Because "by the time" doesn't fully capture the meaning of "de aquí a que", here's my suggestion for a translation of the sentence in post #1:

    By the time I finally retire, there will have been several pension reforms.
    By the time I get around to retiring, there will have been several pension reforms.

    Notice that the second clause involves a long period of time.


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    And, there is nothing wrong with a literal translation: "from/starting now until I retire."