De bruces


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Hola a todo.

Se encuentra de bruces con un león.

I found this translated as: He came face to face with a lion.

I always thought that ´de bruces´ meant ´face down´.

Can anyone help please?

  • hecktor9

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    Yes, you´re rigth! "de bruces" means "face down". But in cases like this it means face to face or like we say in spanish "de cara" or "cara a cara"


    Hi, I found a similar usage of this expression. It is the title of one section part of an essay:

    De Bruces Contra La Realidad

    I assume this means "face to face with reality"


    Additional food for thought,

    In the body of a section of an essay entitled De Bruces Contra La Realidad, which I translated as "face to face with reality" we find the expression, la caída de bruces sobre la realidad, in an obvious allusion to the title of the section. Here it clearly implies that one has fallen face down into reality. Thus, to maintain this allusion I think I will translate De Bruces Contra La Reality in the section title as "Face down in reality" which itself alludes to expressions in English like "face down in the muck" or "face down in the mud."
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