De caño vale doble (Argentina)

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  1. k-in-sc

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    De Caño Vale Doble: I'm wondering what the name of this late-night radio show means. It could be a play on words.

  2. Zankarron Member

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    In Spain we call Caño to a kind of dribbling on soccer, where the ball passes between the rivals legs. DE CAÑO VALE DOBLE means If you score a goal making a "Caño" to the goalkeeper, it worths two.
  3. Adolfo Afogutu

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    Yes, I agree with Zankarron. When there is a shot on goal and the ball rolls at high speed, the goalkeeper's feet must be close together when he bends down forward to take the ball. Otherwise, if he cannot catch the ball, it could go through his legs, something that is quite embarrassing for a goalkeeper. Saludos
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    Thanks, my problem was that I didn't realize it was a sports reference :p
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    The boys got carried away with football/soccer....

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