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Could someone please be so kind as to assist me with the following translation. I am specifically have trouble with the notion of "de contrepartie".

M. Henri est le gestionnaire du programme. Il accorde des subventions de contrepartie qui s'ajoutent aux dons recueillis par les organismes des domaines de la culture.

I have a partial translation:

Mr. Henri is the administrator of the program. He awards grants de contrepartie, which are added to the donations collected by cultural organizations.

I just don't know how to translate de contrepartie in this context.

Many thanks for your help!!
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    It depends on the specific meaning of "contrepartie" here.

    I think a safe bet is: He makes/awards top-up grants (if it means "additional" - the term "top-up" is not used only for mobile phones ;))
    Here's an example on the site: "Top-up grants provide support for first-time trips to visit the country..."

    I suppose in theory it could also be "matching grants" - that would mean he awards the same amount of money. If other donations have raised 50% of the cost of a project, he adds the other 50%. But unless that's definitely the case, I would avoid "matching".

    There's also the concept of "third-party grants", but that tends to have a specific meaning in specific contexts, so I wouldn't use it in the sentence you quoted.

    "Counter-party" - definitely not. It's a legal/financial term used only in a legal context.
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    Thanks Enquiring Mind, "Matching grants" is actually the perfect translation. It refers very specifically to the situation you have described. Thanks for your help!
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