De cuya ingesta

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Hi, I would like to know how to translate the phrase " de cuya ingesta" in the following sentence:

Absteneos de tomar fastuosas comidas y bebidas, de cuya ingesta suele alimentarse la antigua serpiente.
I have tried with: Refrain from having lavish meals and drinks, on which eating the ancient snake feeds.

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    Yes, whose can be used to refer things, but you don't see it very often.

    1. For example, "The movies that have great musical scores usually win awards." That's a very common straightforward sentence.

    2. However, a less common way to say the same thing would be, "The movies whose musical scores are great usually win awards." That's not the way we would usually say it, but it would be wrong to try to replace whose with that, or which, in which, to which, etc.

    La frase que traduciste suena anticuada en inglés. ¿Es viejo? ¿y qué es "la serpiente antigua"? el diablo? De hecho, yo no entiendo bien la frase.
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