1. David Gardiner Senior Member

    English Canada
    de hecho las espaldas

    Ciertamente, que como buenos guerreros iban tirando grandes rociadas de flechas y varas tostadas, y nunca volvieron de hecho las espaldas, hasta un gran patio

    So far I translated to this

    Certainly, that as good soldiers they were throwing great spray of arrows and toasted twigs [fire hardened sticks], and they never returned in fact 1. they turned their backs to us [or] 2. they attacked from behind [or] 3. fell back, until a great patio

    So I’ve come up with different possibilities for one phrase. Are any of these correct?

    So can someone please clarify? This old Spanish translated to modern Spanish can be as helpful as English
  2. lazarus1907 Senior Member

    Lincoln, England
    Spanish, Spain
    Creo que esta es la mejor traducción:

    They never actually fell back (an inch).

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