de la que casualmente sos articipe

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  1. Mike-NYC1 Senior Member

    Hi All -

    I am translating some email correspondence (within the banking industry) and I see this phrase and am simply not sure of what it means:
    "de la que casualmente sos articipe,"

    Here is the whole context:

    "Ademas, de nuestro propios archivos, surge la correspondencia de mails copiados a continuación, de la que casualmente sos articipe, de un antecedente que tuvo que resolverse tras la denuncia a XXXX"

    My attempt:
    "In addition, from our own archives, there is the email correspondence copied below, ___________________, of a case that had to be settled following a complaint to XXXX"

    I would greatly appreciate any help!

    Thanks a lot!
  2. flljob

    flljob Senior Member

    México español
    Quiere decir: la correspondencia de la que casualmente eres partícipe. La correspondencia en la que, casualmente, participaste.

    Es español rioplatense.

  3. Mike-NYC1 Senior Member

    ¡Optimo! ¡Muchas gracias!

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