de mal gusto - of / in bad taste

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  1. denan Member

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    Hi everybody, I whish/ looking for a more accurate translation
    than my humble attempt for the following spanish sentence:

    This is the situation:

    Un tipo esta contando plata delante de un mendigo.
    "Eso puede ser de muy mal gusto para una persona pobre"

    How about this one (a rather literal one): "That might be of bad taste for a poor person, lets say a man was counting money in front of a beggar"

    Does of bad taste convey the same idea in my attempt that the spanish
    de mal gusto? If not, how do you say de mal gusto in English.

    Thank you in advance!!!
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  2. bailarín

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    Actually, let me update my response:

    A guy is counting his money in front of a poor person.

    This would be in bad taste for a man to count his money in front of a poor person.
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  3. gurseal Senior Member

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    También, in poor taste.
  4. aztlaniano

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    Also shows bad/poor taste (on the part of the person doing the counting, not on the part of the poor person).

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