De qué depende que ella vaya o no a la fiesta

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Spanish (Spain)
Hi everyone. I´d like somebody to tell me how to translate this Spanish expression into English properly:

"¿De qué depende que ella vaya o no a la fiesta?"

would this example be correct?: "Whether she goes or not to the party, what does that depend on?"

many thanks in advance.

As usual, please, correct any mistake of mine you can find in my written English in order to improve it. Thanks again.
  • Larry1978

    Spanish (Spain)
    Thanks CarolinaGuy. But what about my example? I mean might it work? or It doesn´t just make sense to you?


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    U. S. English
    If you said that to me I would understand what you were asking, but a native English speaker would never say it that way. You could, though, include the "or not" -
    "What will determine whether or not she goes to the party?"


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    In conversation we would be more likely to say the sentence you gave in this shorter form:
    "Whether she goes or not to the party, depends on what?"
    Three words instead of five!
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