de vida, la vida, deja escrita

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    I need help translating two (that I know of!) parts in this passage, as summarized in the title:

    ...este nuevo libro forma un tríptico en que el autor deja escrita su visión del mundo actual, de la sociedad humana tal como la vivimos. En definitiva: no cambiaremos de vida si no cambiamos la vida.

    This new book completes a tryptic in which the author bequeaths to us his written vision of the real world, of human society as we live it. In conclusion: We will not change living if we do not change our lives.

    This sounds lousy and is certainly wrong in some respects. Please help if you can. Thanks.
  2. Cobi_MX Member

    My try...
    "...we will not change of live if we don't change our live"
    "...we will not change of live if we don't change our living way"
    "...we will not change of live if we don't make changes in our live"

    The expression "cambiar de vida" refears many times to die and born in another type of life.

    I hope it helps!
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    thanks cobi mx. I like your last reference best, since it seems consistent with Saramago's philosophy. I guess I might stick my neck out then and interpret it as:

    "We will not enter a new life unless we change the way we live".
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    Spell it as "triptych" ...

    For "deja escrita", you could say, the author portrays

    And I´m not sure about this, because he is using words very intentionally, but I think "cambiar de vida" is changing lifestyles, and "cambiar la vida" change our lives.
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    ¿qué tal...

    we will not change our lives unless we change the way we live.

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