dead-end (adj.)

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Welsh - Northern
Hope this can run in parallel with Andras BP's thread on 'dead end' (of a street/road) as in a cul-de-sac.

I'm thinking of something like a 'dead-end job' - one which you don't particularly like, because there is no hope of promotion or salary increase or it's terribly boring. Or perhaps all three!

Here's what we say in my language, Welsh:

swydd heb ddyfodol
job without SOFT MUTATION future
'a job without a future'
  • In Greek οne could use the adj. «αδιέξοδος, -δη, -δο» [a.ðiˈe.k͡sɔ.ðɔs] (masc.), [a.ðiˈe.k͡sɔ.ði] (fem.), [a.ðiˈe.k͡sɔ.ðɔ] (neut.) --> dead-end, but the periphrasis «χωρίς προοπτική» [xɔˈɾis prɔ.ɔ.ptiˈci] is preferable --> without (future) prospect.

    MoGr fem. noun «προοπτική» [prɔ.ɔ.ptiˈci] --> perspective, (future) prospect, expectation, potential, a MoGr contruction (1857), calqued for the Fr. perspective < MoGr preposition & prefix «προ» [prɔ] < Classical prepositon and prefix «πρό» pró + ΜοGr adj. «οπτικός» [ɔ.ptiˈkɔs] --> pertaininɡ to seeinɡ, siɡht, vision, optician < Classical adj. «ὀπτικός» ŏptikós --> optic, optical, visual < Classical 3rd declension fem. noun «ὤψ» ṓps (nom. sinɡ.), «ὠπός» ōpós (ɡen. sinɡ.) --> face, eyes, outlook (PIE *h₃okʷs- eye cf OArm. ակն (akn), eye, Proto-Slavic *oko, eye, Proto-Germanic *augô, eye).


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    I'd say бесперспективная работа (besperspektívnaya rabóta - "prospectless work/job"), or, more descriptively, работа безо всяких перспектив (rabóta bezo vsyákikh perspektív - "...without any prospects").


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    français (France)
    Salut @Welsh_Sion ;),

    In French, travail sans perspective is possible, alongside with travail sans débouchés - without any openings or prospects. Débouchés is more frequently used when referring to qualifications or diplomas, but it is not incompatible with working experience.


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    Belgium, Dutch
    Dutch: een dood-lopende straat (a dead-running street)... > een job zonder uitzicht/ perspectief, een vlakke loopbaan ("flat" career, if one has not had a promotion any time in his/her life)


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    The adjective “dead-end” is translated as “sin futuro” in our dictionary: dead-end. An alternative would be “sin perspectivas” (lit. ‘without perspectives’) or even “sin salida” (lit. ‘without an exit’). The whole phrase would then be “un trabajo {sin futuro/sin perspectivas/sin salida}”.

    The French translation could also be “sans avenir” or “sans aucune perspective”: dead-end. More dramatic: “sans lendemain” (lit. ‘with no tomorrow’).
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