Dead from the neck up

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Français de France
Hello, forum !
I do not understand this expression.
Two lovers are having an argument and she says to him :
"You poor ... mutt !"
He bowed under the storm, very superior.
"If I am a mutt ..." he began.
"Yes ... a mutt," she shouted, stamping her foot again. "That's just what you are ! Dead from the neck up - so now you know !"

Will you help me ? ;)
Thanks !
  • katie_here

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    Hi DelaMancha,

    I would guess "dead from the neck up" meant no intelligence and no feelings. but I don't know what it has to do with a mutt, which I presume is a dog?


    India - English
    The idiom "dead from the neck up" means that a person is thickheaded,
    dim-witted or stupid. A figurative expression of it would be - "I am sorry
    but you want us to live on the proviso that we are dead from the neck up
    and our hearts turn to the stone of conformity and compromise with this

    This idiom also alludes to being "brain-dead." A similar idiom is "dying from the neck up".
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