Dead pull hitter.


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Corner outfield production has been a disappointment for the Cardinals this season, but after acquiring Preston Wilson and teaming the right-handed power hitter with the underrated So Taguchi, the Cardinals have finally found a solution that is at least adequate, if not overpowering. Craig Monroe ranked among the league leaders in strikeouts, but he's also provided power and drives in an acceptable number of runs. Monroe, a dead pull hitter who has trouble against top right-handed pitching or when he tries to pull pitches off the plate, hit .429 with a homer and four RBIs in the ALCS.

What is this in a player?
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    Rich, a "pull hitter" is a batter that generally hits to the same side of the field that he bats. For example, a right-handed pull hitter hits to the left field side, while a left-handed pull hitter hits to the right-field side. For a "dead pull hitter," I think you can eliminate the word "generally" in the first sentence -- he can only pull the ball. This usually means he can't hit an outside pitch, because those are almost impossible to pull. You have to "go to the opposite field" with those, that is, a right-hander would hit the outside pitch to right field instead of trying (and failing) to pull it to left field.

    Does that help?