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  • nbo_thistle

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    That's a word seen in a TV series.

    Is it right to say "He has a deadpan" ?

    thanks for saying "it describe the person's style rather than the person himself."
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    here is an example for what it is worth:
    "he delivered the joke in such a deadpan voice that we thought at first that he was serious"


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    I believe that you will find our dictionary definitions helpful --> deadpan.

    See also this previous thread:

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    Note that "dead pan" comes from the usual meaning of "dead," along with "pan," a slang term for face.

    Thus, "deadpan" refers to facial expression (actually, lack thereof).

    Since dry wit is normally related to lack of expression or gestures, the term is sort of extended.

    Wikipedia has an extensive discussion HERE.

    Borax Anhydre

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    The art of having no expression on your face no matter the hilarity or other reactions you are causing in your audience.
    Ex: John Doe is so deadpan. I'd bet he'd be good at poker.
    Urban Dictionnary
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