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Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by mlrt, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Estoy traduciendo un texto sobre negocios y cómo a las compañias que se han deslocalizado no les ha ido bien.
    "Companies have also turned to alliances, mergers, and acquisitions to achieve global reach and growth, with worldwide deal flow reaching $2.7 trillion in 2005."
    Yo lo he traducido así: Las compañías también han recurrido a alianzas, fusiones, y adquisiciones para lograr el alcance global y crecimiento, con un flujo de transacciones mundial de 2.7 billones de dólares en 2005.
    No sé si flujo de transacciones está correcto.
  2. Sherlockat

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    Flujo de inversiones
  3. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    The term "deal flow" is referring to a stream of transactions.

    If "inversiones" only means "investments" and does not have another meaning that would imply something like transactions, I question whether it would be a good choice.
  4. k-in-sc

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    Yes, "deal flow" here is referring to the total value of the "alliances, mergers, and acquisitions." "Flujo de operaciones" is a frequent translation.

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