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  1. weetabix Member

    in a letter sent by a company's Human resource Manager to all the members of staff to invite them to a meeting, how would you start the letter?
    Dear colleagues?
    Dear Sir or Madam
    dear members of staff
    dear associates
    dear employees ????

    (those are all the answers I found in letters written by students)

    thank you for your help!:)
  2. Nunty

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    Hi Weetabix. :)

    We cannot correct the students' answers for you. Please tell us which term you are thinking of using and why.

  3. weetabix Member

    personally, I wouls simply use Dear Sir or Madam. But i was wondering If it would bepossible to use "dear colleagues".
    I would not use the other 3
  4. marget Senior Member

    I can't imagine "Dear Sir or Madam" used to address members of one's own company. I would prefer "Dear Colleagues", which sounds a bit formal, or "Dear Fellow Employees". "Greetings" might work.
  5. weetabix Member

    ok thank you marget :)

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