Dear potential client


How would you say "Dear potential client" in French?
It`s the beginning of a letter of intent.

"Chers potentiels clients" doesn't sound right :)
  • Indrid Cold

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    English (UK)/French (FR) - Bilingual
    Hi Phoebe;

    Cher client potentiel would be the right form, but it sounds a very anglo-saxon expression. Maybe such directness it would shock continental sensibilities; maybe chère Madame et cher Monsieur - or something approaching - would sound better...


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    french (France)
    I agree with Indrid Cold "Cher client potentiel" is good french, but you would not use it directly with the client himself (I wonder if it would be advisable to do it in english).
    Instead, I would suggest : Cher futur client which convey a wish, without the uncertainty of "potentiel".
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