Death on a triscuit


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This is taken from The West Wing:

Josh Lyman (deputy chief of staff): You look good!
Zoey (President Batlet's beloved daughter): You look like death on a triscuit!

What does death on a triscuit means?
I only found this reference: but again, can't figure out what is "death on a Wheatable"...

How can I translate it in italian?
  • effemmeffe

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    I suppose I have to drop the triscuit metaphore and go for some italian idiomatic phrase trying to keep the irony and the mood.
    Thanks a lot.


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    I think it's the same thing as "death on the cracker"= "death eating the cracker":
    She looks like death eating a cracker = She looks really bad (here)

    Urban dictionary: death eating the cracker means that you just feel bad in general and cannot pinpoint the source. You have no symptoms of sickness such as a runny nose or nausea, but you really feel terrible.

    Another example: Tim and I were supposed to record this past weekend, but I am death on a cracker. Triscuit, soda biscuit, something. Either way, I feel like crap. Headache, stuffy nose, ear-aches and sore-throat. I am a veritable wateland of death and decay.


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    I never saw the episode in italian, but I'm a fansubber, I hate the italian dubbing by definition! :)
    I choose to translate it as "Sembri un morto che cammina."
    Thanks all.