1. daviesri Senior Member

    Houston, TX
    USA English
    Deberes y tarea. Are they both "homework" or is there a difference between the two. I just saw a thread in which "deberes" (a new word for me) was used and was curious.
  2. asm Senior Member

    New England, USA
    Mexico, Spanish
    They are the same (school jargon), however, they also mean something else:
    Tarea = task (la tarea que me encomendaron es cuidar la puerta de entrada)
    Deber = a must/duty (los deberes patrios siempre están por encima de las voluntades individuales)

    Although they are similar in the second meaning, the difference is significant. When refered to school homework it is the region, not the language what makes the difference (you will find both as "homework"in a regular dictionary).
    I think Argentinians use more deberes while Mexicans use more tarea for instance.

  3. LauraPV Senior Member

    In spain, at least in the North where I live, we use more "deberes"

  4. daviesri Senior Member

    Houston, TX
    USA English
    Thanks, I live in Venezuela as a kid and our school used "tarea".
  5. Snita Senior Member

    Spanish Spain
    I agree that in Spain the term 'deberes' is more widely used, however at school we also hear 'tareas', but this is a word often used when referring to housework (tareas domésticas) or other tasks, in my opinion, as you would use the word 'task' in English.

    It depends on the region or country as previously stated.

  6. Bilma Senior Member

    Spanish Mexico
    El uso depende del país. En Mexico se usa tarea.
  7. marinochka New Member

    Canada, English & Russian
    Yep, in school in Canada I was always taught to (exclusively) use "tarea", but in Spain I only ever heard "deberes".

    Though I'm sure whichever one you use, native speakers will surely understand you.
  8. rafajuntoalmar

    rafajuntoalmar Senior Member

    Castellano (tanto argentino como peninsu
    Una más, en Argentina, tarea (escolar) y deberes se usan casi indistintamente.
    Aquí en Barcelona, me parece que "deberes" es más común, uso seguramente reforzado, como en tantos otros casos, opino, por su semejanza con el catalán (deures).

  9. jandimin New Member

    en panama se dice TAREA
    pero se entiende perfectamente si dices deberes
  10. michelmontes

    michelmontes Senior Member

    La Habana - Cuba
    Spanish - Cuba
    En Cuba se dice TAREA

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