debido a las fechas



El Festival Internacional de Benicassim, ya en su XIV edición, llegó este año envuelto en una batalla debido a las fechas del festival. Por primera vez, el FIB coincidía con el otro gran mastodonte nacional de este negocio: el Summercase. Todo un riesgo teniendo en cuenta que hay quien afirma que la oferta de festivales ha crecido más que la capacidad adquisitiva del público, que es el que los sostiene.

The International Festival of Benicassim, which took place this year for the 14th time already, involved a battle this year that took place during the days of the festival. For the first time FIB coincided with the other national giant about this business: the Summercase. A risk in the face of the fact that there are some that affirm that the offer of festivals has grown more then the buying capacity of the public , who is the one that supports it.

--> I have the bad feeling that the first sentence is absolutely not suiting the context :( Any comments?
  • Mi intento:

    "The Benicassim International Festival, now in its 14th year/season/incarnation, arrived this year amidst a battle over the festival dates. For the first time (in history), the dates of the BIF coincided with those of the other national giant in the industry: Summercase. It's a risky situation considering there are many who believe that the offering/bevy of festivals has outgrown the buying capacity of the public who sustain them."

    Espero que ayude :)