Debout dans le tempête

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    I wonder if there is an English equivalent to this French expression meaning, litterally, 'standing in the storm', used to describe a person in a difficult position... Would it be synonymous with 'in the eye of the storm'?

    Merci d'avance...
  2. razzmatazz Member

    To me, there is a nuance : "debout dans la tempête" contains the notion of tenacity. For example, without getting political, I think you could say right now about a certain minister who keeps fighting although he is urged to resign that he is "debout dans la tempête". "in the eye of the storm" sounds more like you're at the mercy of a great danger but makes no further comment about the person's attitude, therefore it has a more passive sense. "debout dans la tempête" seems closer to "going the distance", although there's a stronger sense of fate and temerity in "debout dans la tempête". How about "standing against the flow ?"
  3. Jaime Espadas Member

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    What a super answer! I agree with your reasoning and 'Standing against the flow' seems to fit in perfectly with the idea I want to get across. Merci beaucoup!


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