Debout près du mât

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    Bonsoir tout le monde!

    Je voulais trouver la traduction de cette phrase - "Debout pres du mat". Je ne peux le trouver nulle part.

    Je pensais qu'il etait similaire du "Up until the early morning", mais vraiment je ne sais pas.

    Merci d'avance.
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    Debout près du mât

    The mât (with an accent circonflexe) is the mast of a boat... but without the accent, it is an informal shortening of the word matin = morning. Près de means "near." So without further context, this says "standing near the mast." The links show you the corresponding entries in our WordReference dictionary.

    For help typing accents, which are very much necessary in French, click here. ;)

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