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Hi everybody.

I have to translate in Italian the expression "debt for equity swap". I know the meaning of it, but I will explain the situation I am describing to let you anderstand better and so advice me, if you can.

A government gets loand from some banks. It cannot paid them off. So, to pay these debts, he give the banks, in the place of the money, something else (the direction of some enterprises, i.e.) It works like in a swap.

Can you advic me with some good translation?
Thanks a lot

  • housecameron

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    sul web ho trovato altre definizioni:
    Debito contro quote di capitale
    Trasformazione dei debiti in fondi in valuta locale
    Scambio di quote del debito - convertite in moneta locale - con quote di imprese o società.

    MISS S.

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    thanks a lot - grazie a tutti!

    e scusate per gli errori ortografici del primo messaggio...
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