1. Alie

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    Scotland, English
    Hi everyone, I'm struggling with the meaning of the word 'decantación' in the following context:

    'La Cataluña de hoy nada tiene que ver con los contextos en que cuajaron los proyectos ideológicos de los que nuestros partidos representan la enésima decantación.'

    To be honest, this is a horrible sentence to translate, not just because of that word but also it's structure doesn't flow well into english. I've made a go of it, but I know it's rotten!!

    'The Catalonia of today has nothing to do with the contexts in which ideological projects came about, which our parties symbolise the umpteenth preference of'

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. fmarinarrese New Member

    Hi! That's a tough one. 'Decantar' is quite simply decant, pour. This is a simile, comparing the process by which wine or other liquids are purified, with the process by which current political parties have stemmed or grown from these old ideologies. Maybe keeping the same metaphor in English would be risky - people are unlikely to get the meaning. I suggest:
    ...ideological projects came about, of which our (present) parties are no more than the umpteenth offspring.
    I hope that helped.

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