Decently good?

Discussion in 'All Languages' started by ThomasK, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. ThomasK Senior Member

    (near) Kortrijk, Belgium
    Belgium, Dutch
    Can you say that in your language? Can you use it as an intensifier (like ‘very’)? What is the word, what are your words then?

    As for the etymology please state that at the decent/decency thread. That will make things easier, I think.

    In Dutch there are some words that we can use:
    - tamelijk (from betamelijk, decent) - fairly good
    - behoorlijk (again something like 'decent') - id.
  2. e2-e4 X Senior Member

    If you're asking for characteristical words that mean 'decently good', yes, we have those. For example:
    - сносно (short adjective; like 'bearable');
    - нормально (short adjective; it means 'normal');
    - сойдёт (verb; literally, 'it'll go with that');
    - вполне (adverb; literally: 'in full'; it means, 'good enough');
    - etc.

    These all are colloquial.
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  3. ThomasK Senior Member

    (near) Kortrijk, Belgium
    Belgium, Dutch
    Great, thanks !
  4. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    In Greek for fairly good, we use the adv. «αξιοπρεπώς» [aksi.opre'pos] --> decently (see HERE for its etymology)
  5. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    a.)In Tagalog; just add "May". 1.) Fairly good= may kabutihan/kagalingan b.) Decently can be expressed as " kapitag pitagan" or " kagalang galang".
  6. aruniyan Senior Member

    This word decent comes from fittingly, appropriately,aptly, the right etc... is there any issues on this?

    and i think may be linked with Deutch taugen ?
  7. ancalimon Senior Member


    Yeterince iyi : decently good

    yet: suffice, to be enough, to reach
    yeter: it suffices, enough
    yeterince: sufficently, decent

    We can also use "very decent" :

    oldukça yeterli
    çok yeterli

    The root "yet" can also be used for "time".

    "yetiş": "to reach" or "to reach on time" (for example, "yardımına yetişendi : he was the one who reached to his aid")
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