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    I am doing my Dutch exercises, and I keep getting confused on the fractions and decimals in mathematics or ordinal number situations, for example:

    vijftiende: 5/10 (which, if reduced mathematically, would actually be een half, or in decimals, as 0,5)
    vijftiende: 0,15 (15/100 as a fraction into decimal)
    vijftiende: 15e (b.v.b., 15e sectie)

    It seems this looks ambiguous as it can mean those three things, with the same happening for achttiende, negenentwintigste, etc. How to differentiate between them to translate into numbers, especially in speech?
  2. NewtonCircus Senior Member

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    This would be spelled as vijf tiende (pause in spoken language) and, although incorrect, some people use vijf/tiende. Written usage is very uncommon and in fact limited to the legal community (notary publics, bailiffs, and other legal professions) in order to avoid misinterpretation of numbers in legal documents. Sometimes the word procent (percentage) is added which ironically again introduces confusion for laymen (15% or 0,15%). Recent legal documents often skip this practise altogether and only use numerals. I don't know if the situation in The Netherlands is similar.

    Vijftiende is mathematically not the same as 15/100, so this confusion seems odd to me. 0,15 is vijftien honderste in wordings or nul komma vijftien. Use of the latter format is virtually non-existent in writing but common in spoken language.

    This is the actual meaning.

    Groetjes Herman
  3. Sjonger Senior Member

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    In speech
    5/10 would have no article and accent on tiende
    0,15 would have 'een' of 'het' as article (accent on 'vijf')
    15e would have 'de' for article.
    Does that help?
  4. Peterdg

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    According to me:

    5/10 = vijf tienden
    1/10 = één tiende

    0,15 = nul komma vijtien of vijftien honderdsten: ik zie niet in hoe je hier aan "vijftiende" kan komen.
  5. NewtonCircus Senior Member

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    Not really :).

    Wouldn’t that depend on the gender of the noun?
    - De 15de maart or de 15de.
    - Het 2de bataljon
    or het 2de .

    I don’t understand how one could say het(een) 0,15 van(maal, plus) ….

    Groetjes Herman

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