deciphering the ground

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In Academy Street by M. Costello, the narrator returned her homeland after more than 30 years for her brother's funeral. She could not, at first, find her bearings. She felt herself among strangers. In the afternoon when people came to pay their respects, she walked outside.

"She stood on the edge of the grass. She hovered between worlds, deciphering the ground, tracing in mid-air the hall, the dining room, the stairs. She was despairingly close to home now, to the rooms and the voices that contained the first names for home."

I am not sure what kind of worlds she hovers. And also what are voices that contained the first names? Anyone, please help me out. Thanks.
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    From the context given I would assume that her former home used to stand where she is now standing and she is trying to work out the layout of it on the ground, and trying to imagine the rooms, etc.
    I would assume that the worlds she is hovering between are the present world in which she is living at this moment and her past world when she lived in this former home.
    The voices would be her brother's and other family members.
    This is just my guess:rolleyes:
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