1. Rye Member

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    in the book that i'm using to study spanish, it says that you use the subjunctive after decir que.

    however, for the following sentences, would you still use the subj.?

    he says that he wants to eat
    dice que quiere/quiera? comer

    my mom says that it is a big problem
    mi madre dice que es/sea un problema grande
  2. VivaReggaeton88

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    Si no hay ningún cambio de sujeto no se usa el subjuntivo entonces.

    He says that he wants to eat.
    Dice que quiere comer.

    My mom says that it is a big problem.
    Mi madre dice que es un gran problema.

    En actualidad, pensándolo mas, solamente se usa el subjuntivo con "decir que" cuando la frase sea negativa.
  3. lalodeacapulco Senior Member

    Mexico, Spanish
    I don't know what a subjunctive it is. But I would say:
    El dice que quiere comer. Mi mamá (mom) dice que es un problema grande

    However, I'd say it in a negative sentence like:
    No digo que sea fácil. I don't say it is easy.
    No estoy diciendo que sea fácil. I'm not saying it is easy.
    But, it is equally correct to say:
    No digo que es fácil.
  4. María Madrid

    María Madrid Banned

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    When you're telling someone to do something you must use the subjunctive, as you're expressing a wish:

    Te digo que te vayas.

    But you don't use subjunctive in Dice que quiere comer because you're expressing an actual fact.

    I suggest you search the forum for previous threads. You'll find lots of interesting posts on how to use the subjunctive. Saludos, :)
  5. asm Senior Member

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    Mexico, Spanish
    This is right, I'd add recommendations.

    Juan dice que tiene fiebre
    Pedro (le) dice que no tome ninguna medicina
  6. donbill

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    Decir (or virtually any verb of communication) can simply convey information (Dicen que es difícil aprender a hablar español), or it can convey a command or order (Nuestros profesores nos dicen que estudiemos más si queremos aprender a hablar español). Use indicative in the subordinate clause in the first case, subjunctive in the second.

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