deck chair / chaise long

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Hi, all!

I am doing a translation about decoration and architecture.

My doubt is about the use of the words deck chair / chaise long when referring to those chairs that are around a swimming pool, on which people lie back to sunbathe.

Is there another specific word?

Can I use the above mentioned? If so, is there a difference (formal X informal; AmE X BrE?)

Thank you all!
  • ralife

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    Thanks, Loob.
    What I was looking for is exactly lounger / sun-lounger.

    You've helped me a lot!!!!!


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    English - US
    It is not unusual in American English for what Loob has linked as a lounger to becalled a chaise or a chaise lounge (yes, we say lounge not longue even though longue is the original form).


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    English UK
    Do AmE speakers also say [sun-]lounger, Myridon, or do they only say chaise lounge?
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