declara de plano aprobado

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    Hello everyone! I'm having a very difficult time translation a divorce certificate. The phrase I'm having trouble with is in a very long sentence. It says: "De conformidad con lo dispuesto por el articulo 412 del Codigo Adjetivo en el Divorcio por mutuo consentimienti, presentada la solicitud por los interesados previa la ratificacion hecha por los mismos declara de plano aprobado el convenio que aquellos hayan tenido ahora bien apareciento de autos que se han satisfecho las exigencies del articulo antes citado...."

    This is my attempt: "In accordance with what is set forth in Article 412 of the Civil Procedures Code in a case of divorce by mutual consent, once the request has been presented by the interested parties, previous to its ratification, ......" and this is where it falls apart for me and I don't know what to do with it.

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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    "...declares approved entirely..."

    "...declares entirely approved..."

    Whichever sounds better to you :)
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    Thank you very much! That does make sense. :)

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