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Hello everyone, I feel it kinda of weird because I see this phrase in my comic "declare your love to her". But I can't understand why it can't be found in the dictionary. SO everyone, I am still confused about this phrase now. So 1) DOes it exist.?2) Where can I find it?=> I would be grateful if someone could help me. I checked many dictionaries but this word wasn't avalable in those books :(.
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    Yes, the phrase exists. It's common. It means "tell her that you love her."

    Dictionaries don't list every phrase. They can't, because there are millions of phrases. All they can do is list words and a few common phrases that use those words. Is there a particular word in this phrase that confuses you? Your last sentence mentions a word you couldn't find. Which word?


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    It's not very common in modern English (at least not in BE). We would say, "Tell her you love her."

    Do you have a link to this comic? Is it translated from Japanese?

    P.S. Maybe I was hasty in saying it's not used. Perhaps I should have said it is not used in conversation.

    Here is a graph showing usage. Google ngram: declare * love

    The graph shows that the phrase has been employed with roughly the same percentage usage since about 1800. You can click on the links at the bottom of the ngram page to see the actual texts.
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    The Collins Dictionary lists this phrase:


    • a statement made by one person to another in which they say they are in love with the other person

    And Moet has a campaign where you can "declare your love" or "tag your love" using their champagne. Apparently they will produce a custom label for their bubbly.

    If you Google: "Declare your love Moet" you will see examples.
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