declare martial law?

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    Hello everyone,
    could anybody make the sentence below clearer to me please?
    "After imposing military rule across China, Mao filled the Red Guard units with new proletarian rebels, often banishing the groups’ original members to far‑flung villages for “re‑education."
    whether the phrase "imposing military rule" be "declaring martial law"?
    A Son of the Cultural Revolution
    Thanks in advance.
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    It is not the same. "Imposing military rule" means that the entire government was controlled by the military - starting then and continuing for many years.

    "Declaring martial law" means a temporary order suspending normal laws in one place, such as a city, during a crisis. The same people are still in control (politicians, police) but some new rules will be in effect. For example, a 10 pm curfew: everyone must stay in their homes after 10 pm.
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    Could you please quote some terms equivalent to which i'm confusing, I mean, imposing military rule? Or, should I translate it literally?
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    British English
    Impose = to apply by authority (Mao was the ruler, he had the authority).
    Military rule = government by the army.
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    thank you, Andygc.

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