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When asked, he tends to declare that the file is missing though, in fact, he hid it himself and does not want it to see the light of the day.

Is 'declare' apt here? Can I replace it with 'call'?
  • cycloneviv

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    I think "declare" is fine here, although it sounds a bit formal.

    You couldn't use "call" in place of "declare", making "he tends to call that the file is missing". In theory, you could say "He tends to call the file missing", but I'd suggest not using call at all.

    Alternatives to declare that you could use without changing the wording: claim, state, say. (There are doubtless other alternatives which I cannot think of at the moment.)

    By the way, "tends to" seems a little odd. It means that he usually says the file is missing, but sometimes he says something else. I'm not sure whether that's what you intended.

    Another tip: I'd use "although" instead of "though".


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    The first alternative that came to my mind was "state" as cyclone mentioned. But I also like "claim." "Call" wouldn't work.

    I'd agree that "tends to" sounds as if it's habitual as opposed to a one-time question. But maybe that's intentional?

    I would use either "though" or "although" in the sentence. I'm not sure whether both are correct grammatically, but they both sound good to me.
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