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  1. Henry~ Senior Member

    I'm studying a structure: verb + object + adjective.
    Like hold:
    The government hold the parent responsible for their children.
    But the object used often is reflexive pronoun.

    How about:
    The government declare him responsible for their children

    Him or himself?

  2. The government declares itself responsible for (whose?) children?
  3. Prairiefire

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    First, 'government' uses a third-person singular verb. The government holds/declares. (In a democracy, I wish we always used first person plural, but that's a political commentary.)

    "The government holds the parent responsible for their children" is incorrect because 'parent' is singular while 'their' is plural. A grammatically correct sentence is "The government holds parents responsible for their children."

    If the policy in question applies only to a single individual rather than all parents, you could write "The government declares him responsible for his children."

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