Declension - nom. sing. and gen. pl.


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Good day to you, my fellow linguists,
I'm currently studying Russian, using Nicholas Brown's "Russian Course" primarily (which is absolutely phenomenal!), and I have read that it is possible to anticipate a Russian noun's declension patterns knowing only the nominative singular and the genitive plural (I'm assuming this works only for nouns that follow regular declensions). Would someone please show me how this works using several examples and/or an explanation? Thanks in advance to all who help, and I wish you all the best!
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    I've never heard about that, but maybe it really works. However, at least 2 more factors should be taken into account: gender and animation. Look:
    боль - болей
    день - дней
    червь - червей
    Nom. and Gen. Pl. of all 3 nouns coincide, but full paradigms - not:
    боль - день - червь
    боли - дня - червя
    боли - дню - червю
    боль - день - червя
    болью - днем - червем
    о боли - о дне - о черве
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