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The context is the history and influence of Art Nouveau on Mosaic art. The rest should be obvious, however I can try to give more context if necessary.
First of all I'm not sure about the structure of my sentence and whether it matches the Italian. There are too many commas and I'm not sure what refers to what. But the term I'm having most difficulty translating is "declinazioni". I know declension exists in English, but I don't think it fits in this artistic context.

Original sentence:

Lo “stile” inaugurato dall’ Art Nouveau ha comunque alcune sedi privilegiate all’interno delle quali la decorazione musiva, pur con declinazioni diversissime, si dispiega con grande vivacità, come Bruxelles e come Barcellona.

My sentence:

Brussels and Barcelona are two privileged cities where Art Nouveau was launched and where decorative mosaic art feverishly unfolds with extremely different styles.
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  • I take this sentence to mean something along the lines of:

    The style that derives from Art Nouveau can be found in various prized locations, such as Brussels and Barcelona, where vividly decorative mosaic artworks of great variety are to be seen.

    I don't much like "prized", but I'm just trying to give a feel of what I think it means.
    If I may add, "declinare" is one of those fancy and trendy words that zoomed into prominence recently, especially in marketing jargon, but basically it's hot air and as such difficult to render in English.
    However, if you look up the forum, you'll see there's a number of threads on "declinare" and its possible translations (see this one, for example). Said that, in this case I would suggest something like "articulate" or "expressed in different forms", should you like to stick to a more literal translation, but the attempt from Lazzini works quite fine.