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  1. sloopjc Senior Member

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    Who came up with this word ,and how might you say otherwise? It gets used a lot in business conversation, but does it deserve greater acknowledgement?

    I first heard someone use it in a group conversation some 15 years ago. At the time, one person in the group reacted adversely to hearing it, whilst the rest were merely stunned into listening even more intently. What opinions do others have when hearing this word?
  2. xrayspex

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    I might prefer "integrate" or "homogenize" to decompartmentalize.

    If I heard someone using that word I would assume he was trying to project false competence.
  3. timpeac

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    It strikes me as a perfectly normal word, if used properly. I agree it sounds business speak if they really mean "integrate", however if they really mean "stop deliberately putting things in separate boxes" (figuratively or otherwise) then it's fine by me. For example I know someone who likes to see their various groups of friends separately, he "boxes" them in his mind. I think he should decompartmentalise (which doesn't necessarily imply he should integrate the groups, just not deliberately keep them apart).

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