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France ( Français)
Hi Everybody ,

I'm currently translating an article from THE ECONOMIST talking about the Pole Immigration in England, and a sentence is giving me trouble..

" Most noticeably, it has gona some way to decoupling thie issue of immigration from that of race"

my try is " Plus Nettement , on en est venu à séparer le problème de l'immigration de celui de la race"

I don't know if i am well understanding the sentence

Could Anyone Help me a little ?


Nice Week end to Everybody

  • Hello,

    "It has gone some way to" means it has partly done something, but not completely...
    I think your translation of the rest looks OK.

    By the way this is a Spanish/English forum

    Buen fin de semana a tí tambien,
    it has gone some way to decoupling

    ha contribuido a la desvinculación, en gran medida

    ie., it has made progress in separating, has (already) separated, to a large extent