Decree of divorce

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I am helping an Italian friend translate a legal document (decree of divorce) from English into Italian. My Italian is a bit better than his English, but the legal terms are killing us. Does anyone know of a good reference for translating legal terms (such as "heretofore was awarded") from English to Italian?

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Thank you!
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    Hello EWilson,

    I am guessing that the "awarded" was either custody, or money or some kind of asset which had been in dispute.

    I would translate "heretofore was awarded" as "Pertanto, era conferito"...whatever it was he/she was awarded. There is no direct translation of heretofore in Italian, it is a pompous piece of legal terminology (I say that as a law student!) where "hence" or "henceforth" would suffice.

    Anyone with better Italian please correct me if I've made a mistake! Thanks!
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