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Can you tell me if my interpretation and translation of thise sentences are correct?

Für recht:
Die am 12.1.1999 vor dem Standesbeamten in Hamburg, Heiratseintrag-Nr. : 19 geschlossene Ehe der Parteien wird geschieden
Die Vereinbarung der Partien üuber den Versorgungsausgleich wird genehmigt

It is adjudged in favor:
On 01.12.1999 in front of a court official in Hamburg, the marriage registered under Number 19 is disolved and the parties are declared divorced
it is approved the agreement among the parties and not receiving mutual retirement compensation adjustment ?
  • übermönch

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    It's not your German, but your English hampering a bit.;) It wasn't a machine translation, was it?
    First of all "vor dem Gerricht geschlossene" doesn't mean it was closed physically "in front of the court", but "in the court".
    Secondly, I do not believe "Standesbeamte" should be translated, since it is a post specific to Federal German law.
    The second sentence in German says that the agreement between the parties about the supply equalization is accepted.
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