deduct it from the rent

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Suppose you have a property and you rent it out, your tenant left the monthly rent in an envelope on the kitchen table, it was more than he should have paid and you want to let him know that you might as well "deduct it from the next rent".

Is there a more colloquial phrase the express the same thing?


  • PaulQ

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    Yes, in BE, it is called "theft." If the man left you an amount in excess of the monthly rent, if he did not give you his express permission, you are only entitled to take the monthly rent that he owes you, and no more than that. ;)


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    I have a tenant in the condo that I lived in before my then-fiancée and I bought a house in 2007. (If the real estate market were any better I'd sell it, but that's not the topic of this thread.) When repairs are needed, my tenant calls the plumber (for example) and pays him. Then, she deducts that amount from the next month's rent.

    That said, if she left me an envelope of cash rather than mailing me a check, I'd only take the amount of the rent from the envelope, or as close to that as possible given the sizes of the bills in the envelope and in my wallet. I'd leave the rest, with a note.
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