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    In Prussia the forests could be cleared and farmed well enough to provide financial revenues and food while an Imperial Bull of 1226 and a ducal '' deed of gift '' four years later gave the Teutonic Knights much greater freedom of action across Prussia.

    Hello. Please help me with this words deed of gift. What is this? Thanks.
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  2. A deed is a document creating or transferring important legal rights, often over land.

    A deed of gift is a document that formally gives legal ownership of something, or authority to do something, to somebody else without any payment being made in return.

    In the context, the local ruler ("duke") signed and/or sealed a document giving the Teutonic knights freedoms over Prussia that they did not previously have.
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    Thanks. This is a very strange word for me. I never met it before in this context. If I traslate it like ACT will be a mistake? Unfortunately we have no word for translation of this word. At least I do not know such a word.
  4. "Deed" is a legal term. In its legal context, it has no exactly equivalent meaning in ordinary language. It signifies a solemn form of doing something, traditionally by signing and sealing a document in front of at least one witness. In Civil Law countries (i.e. countries whose law is derived from Roman Law), deeds must be executed in front of a notary, who must then certify or attest them.

    If you are trying to translate the word "deed" into Bulgarian, you would have to ask a Bulgarian lawyer whether there is an exact equivalent.

    Although "act" is a synonym of "deed" in its ordinary meaning, it is insufficient in legal language because it does not imply the solemn recording of the transaction in writing.

    So, a "Deed" is a document recording the "act" that is performed. In English law, the handing of the document by the maker to the other party executes the very act that the deed records, such as a transfer of land. However, in Civil Law countries, it is the attestation by the notary that completes the transaction.

    I’m sorry the explanation is so complicated. That is because the concepts are so complicated and vary in detail from country to country.
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    What is the Bulgarian word for the formal, official legal document that declares to the world that a certain person owns a particular piece of land, and would serve as proof of that ownership? If you can find that word, you will have a decent translation for "Deed" as used this way.
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    Thanks. So I have a house and I have a document for my property. It is that so called deed? What about the word gift? Maybe this word is exatly what it means leterraly gift - like present? If I gift my house with the document deed to somebody? I have a friend lawyer. But I am afraid that even he will be confused from this words. And why they are in '' ''?
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    Yes!:)) I just found in the dictionary that the word for deed is this document for owunership. Now if you can explain me and the second word meaning we will comlete a perfect job:))
  8. A gift is something that is given by one person to another, without anything being given in return.
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    Thanks. So if I want to give my house to somebody in English I will use deed of gift like docummnet.:)
  10. That's exactly right.
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    Before your help I was almost desperate that this is a hopeless situation for me. But now I am very happy that I translated the word exatly as I have to.

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