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    I try to translate into italian language this phrase: "deemed status".

    I really don't know the meaning. In the article I was tried to translate they are talking about

    NCQA accreditation.(

    Thank you for helping e very sorry for my english.
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    Ciao :)
    Per favore, aggiungi la frase intera in cui compare questa espressione.
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    In addition, in 2000 the CMS issued rules that will allow HMOs to substitute "deemed status" for most CMS requirements related to HMOs' partecipation
    in the Medicare+ Choice (M+C) program.
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    Hi emaxximm - it's a very technical definition typical bureaucratese - have you seen this glossary?

    I am not an expert in this field, but reading it as a lay person, "deemed status" is an alternative level of accreditation, not by the official CMS but by another approved accrediting body.
  5. emaxximm Member

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    Hi Joanvillafane,

    I thought it was a technical definition. I'll see the glossary you mentionned above. Thank you for your help.

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