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    I would be very grateful if anyone could explain me the difference between the adverbs "deep" and "deeply" in general, and apart from that , I found the following sentences and I don´t understand why they use "deep" in the first three and "deeply" in the last one. Thank you in advance.

    They dived deep into the ocean.
    The gold lies deep in the earth.
    He went on studying deep into the night.
    The dog bit deeply into his arm.
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    This is somewhat subtle. In the first three sentences the word "deep" is not serving as an adverb, but as part of the description of where the action occurred. In the fourth sentence "deeply" is used as an adverb to describe how the dog bit.

    They (dived) (deep into the ocean)
    The gold (lies) (deep in the earth)
    He went on (studying) (deep into the night)
    The dog (bit deeply) (into his arm)

    I hope this helps.

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