deep in the red barbarity


Does "deep in the red barbarity" mean "deep in the bloody brutality"?

Thanks in advance

Any systematic approach to ethics, or to understanding the necessary underpinnings of a civil society, will find many Muslims standing eye deep in the red barbarity of the fourteenth century. There are undoubtedly historical and cultural reasons for this, and enough blame to go around, but we should not ignore the fact that we must now confront whole societies whose moral and political development—in their treatment of women and children, in their prosecution of war, in their approach to criminal justice, and in their very intuitions about what constitutes cruelty—lags behind our own.

-Sam Harris' The End of Faith
  • PaulQ

    English - England
    red = blood-soaked

    Compare "red in tooth and claw" - idiom - vicious; unmerciful; savage, etc., in which "red" refers to the colour of blood.
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