1. pozzolini Senior Member

    Could someone give me the translation of deerskin ?

    Thank you

    Eugenio Pozzolini
  2. Giovannizero New Member

    USA, English
    Im pretty sure it's as simple as "peau de biche" or "peau de serf"

    I have read both of those. The only thing is that "Deer" is sexually ambigious whereas both those translations are specific.
  3. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    There is a difference between "serf" and "cerf"...;)
    peau de daim
  4. FrançoisXV Senior Member

    Français, France
    If your deerskin is for washing your car, we call it "peau de chamois"
    If it's the "Deerskin" tale based on Charles Perrault's , French original is "peau d'âne"

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