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    I'm reading a hard copy article about TB infection treatment. The writer asked:

    What does the default cases here mean?

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    Can you give us a link to the whole article, Camlearner? (what you've quoted just reads like gobbledygook to me:()
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    Hi ewie. No there's no link to it. As I saide, it's hard copy. I typed the words.

    I think maybe I put my question wrong. I'm still thinking about it and I guess my question that is proper should be asked like this : What does the compound adjective Return after default mean? as I guess the whole compound adjective must give meaning to the noun cases here.

    Maybe I need to type more to add more context to you. Please see more my typing below..

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    'Patient default' or 'default cases' are cases in which patients drop out of TB treatment before the treatment is completed. WHO defines default as a treatment interruption of two consecutive months or more. (As you know this is a problem as it leads to an increase in TB organisms which are resistant to multiple drugs…in addition to treatment failure in the individual patient)

    This page has additional definitions of terms pertaining to TB and its treatment:
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    Whoever wrote this made at least one more error, aside from using very awkward phrasing. "Criteria" is plural, but "is" is singular. If multiple answers are allowed, it should read "Which are not criteria ...?" If only one answer is allowed, it should be "Which is not a criterion ...?" (Note that the article "a" is required here. "Criterion" is a countable noun.)
  6. Camlearner Senior Member

    Thanks bicontinental and Egmont for your answers to my question. Now I understand the meaning of default cases .

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