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  1. hadasha New Member

    Hi, please look at the following link. You will see that the Next button is surrounded by a dotted square; it means that if you click Enter on your keyboard, the next page in this Wizard opens.

    On the page in the next link you will see that the Next button is srounded by a blue square. It means the same.

    I want to describe in general what it means when a button is surrounded by a doted / blue square.

    The Next button is a default choice
    The Next button apears as a default option

    Any suggestions?
  2. tattered New Member

    English - American (North Midland)
    Those both look good to me.

    Perhaps "The Next button is (the) default." I've heard people omit "the" here, though I couldn't explain why.

    Anyway, if speaking I would say, "The default next button." Just FYI.
  3. hadasha New Member

    Thanks for the extra information which was very helpfull

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